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While we wait for Buffalo Grass Country Concerts to resume, Lee Patterson has compiled a number of his favorite songs by Buffalo Grass artists for us to enjoy.  The following is a list of Lee's links. They include artists that Buffalo Grass attendees will recognize from past performances.

Enjoy Lee's picks:

For our friends who have asked about BGAS, BRAS, Jim Young etc. Something of a sampler: 

--- Lee

Jim Young is a great local songwriter who writes original songs about the American southwest and the cowboy way of life. He writes of people, animals, scenery and his Christian faith.

Many years ago Jim invited me to accompany him for a concert in Cañon City. We found that the accordion added a nice flavor and texture to his songs, and we continue to play for audiences when possible. Jim also has 10 CDs he's made.

If you've never been to the Black Rose Acoustic Society (BRAS) in Black Forest, it's a great place to perform and hear acoustic music. (Hopefully the COVID problems will be worked out soon, and we can resume concerts in some form.) The audience will occasionally give the "Black Rose Stomp" (stomping their shoes on the Community Center's wooden floor) if they really like a performer's song.

"New Mexico"   an audience favorite of his, including Jim's trademark jokes between songs. I think Jim got a "stomp" for this song.

"Coyote"   Jim has a real feel for this denizen if the desert

Jim was invited to play at a "Songwriters' Showcase" held at the Stargazers Theatre. (Each songwriter got to perform 2 of their own songs.)

For Cowboy Sky, Jim was also accompanied by Jimmy Lee Robbins, a very talented performer in his own right. Here, Jimmy adds the perfect tasteful guitar fills and always makes the songs sound great. It's a privilege to play with both Jim and Jimmy. One of God's many blessings in my life.

Cowboy Sky   a tribute to the wide open spaces of the cowboy's life

I hope you enjoy these. I'm honored to play with such great performers.   

Going Back to Taos

The Old Violin   The Black Rose Acoustic Society (TBRAS)

Prairie Moon  The Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society (BGAS)

From  Jim Young's most recent CD
Huerfano Wind
Warhorse  The Black Rose Acoustic Society

Woody Guthrie
Down Along the River  At Colorado Cowboy Poetry gathering (Sunday morning round-robin of artists)
You may recognize some other guests: Rex Rideout, Patty Clayton, Eli Barsi and husband, Janice Deardorf, Liz Masterson (RIP)

Down Along the River  Original performance at BGAS

Jerusalem   at Winter Gospel Grass

Out Here

 Broken White Line   Studio B at the Pikes Peak Center
 Broken White Line   Black Rose Acoustic Society

Too Many Fences

CD tracks.
Cowboys, Sinners and Saints

A Good  Hand

My Rifle, Pony and Me

Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Big River


Kurt Astor
Jim Young